Friday, October 13, 2006

Wrapping Text Around Adsense

I know this is off topic and nothing to do with seo or website traffic. But lately I keep getting lots of emails asking me about how did I place adsense code in my posts. So I decided to write a quick post expleining wrapping the text around adsense. Before I start you need to know that I use original Blogger. So the settings might be different with Beta version.

First thing you need to change Enable float alignment to No from dropdown box. You can locate it at Blogger control panel, Settings > Formatting. The Enable float alignment is second from the bottom.

After that is done, go to your Template section. In the Template locate the code saying Begin .post. This is where your post starts. Just find the code that looks like this div class="post-body". It is the 8th line after begin post section.

Right after div tag, insert table and the adsense code inside that table. This is how the code should look like (I can't add full html code here, because Blogger doesn't allow me. Assume these signs <> around table, div, etc.):

div class="post-body" div
table align="right"
td align="left" Your AdSense Code/td