Sunday, October 22, 2006

Get accepted by the directories

Directories are useful source for one way back links and also for free traffic. There are a lot of free directories available over the web for you to submit your web site. However, by submitting your site to these free directories does not guarantee your web site to get listed. Most of the good directories follow certain guidelines for accepting new sites.
So what could you do to get your site accepted by these free directories. Here are the few ground rules to follow:

1) Use top level domains. E.g. ( NOT OR

2) Short and brief title. Choose a title that describes your site in brief. Don't use words like best, cool, hottest, top, largest, your only source and other such terms. Also don't start your title with, The, A, An, or similar.

3) Use capitals in correct places. In your title only capitalize, first letter of the first word and all main words. Don't use capital letters for words and, the, or, for, etc.

4) Write brief and clear description. Usually descriptions that are too short and too long means rejection from directories. Use around 150 to 250 characters to write your description. The rules apply to your title also apply to your description.

5) Don't start your description with phrases like "this web site" or "this blog". The readers already know it is a web site or blog. Also, don't include the site title in your description.

6) Don't include price, special offers or any similar sort of information in your title or description. Also don't use marketing slogans.

7) Avoid using free email accounts such as AOL, yahoo, hotmail, and msn. People usually use these free emails for spam listings. So, many major directories will not accept you if you use free email accounts.

8) Finally, have content in your site. Just don't submit a site, where it has only affiliate links.

After following those rules, here are free directories for you to submit your site.

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