Sunday, October 15, 2006

Things to avoid, when using keywords

Keywords are really important, when it comes to getting high positions in the search engines. In my previous post, I explained the effective use of keywords in your site. Also, I mentioned that the misuse of keywords could also get you banned from major search engines. This means search engines wouldn’t send their robots to index your pages, and also they drop your existing indexed pages from their list.

However, some may thing that by using keywords a lot in a website would help you to gain higher positions in the listings. With this in mind, they excessively use keywords or choose other techniques to trick search engine robots. Here are the few of these techniques that you should avoid:

Hiding keywords:

You can hide keywords in your content by changing the color of the keyword text to same color as the background. However, as robots can read the color codes they can understand that you are trying to hide keyword. By doing so, search engine will stop indexing your pages and drop your existing indexed pages from their list.

Using the keywords excessively in the content and the Meta tags:

In my previous post, I mention that the relevance of keyword Meta tag is not as important as before. By dumping too many keywords in the Meta tag, and by repeating the keywords every one or two sentences of your content, will only get you banned. Only include your few (2 or 3) main keywords.

Putting keywords in Meta tags that has no relation with the content:

This technique is used for a website to appear in a search result that has no information associated with the search term. Usually this technique is used together with hiding keywords. The owner of the site places keywords, which are usually popular search terms, in Meta tags. Then, uses these keyword in the content by hiding it.

You should always avoid above actions to gain higher positions. These actions will only get you banned and it will cost dearly. Only include them, where it adds a meaning to your content. In other words use your keywords wisely. Also, you should read this post on effective use of keywords in your website.