Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things to avoid, when exchanging links

In my pervious post, I share my strategy for exchanging links. Also, mentioned that links that point to your site would help you gain better rankings in the search engines. With this in mind some may choose some alternative ways to exchange links with others. However, instead of gaining high positions in the search engines, these alternatives will only damage your current position within the search engines.

Here are few of things you should avoid:

Don’t exchange links with anyone

When you exchange links with others, only choose the ones that are related to topics and content within your site. Try to evaluate the site that you want to exchange link with. Be picky, and don’t rush. Analyse the site; try to understand, how serious is the other site owner with his/her site. Follow the steps that I mentioned in my previous post.

Avoid Link Farms and Link Exchange Sites

Link farms and link exchange networks allow you to exchange links constantly, for the purpose of getting high rankings in the search engines. However, these kinds of services will only damage your position, as most of the major search engines perceive this as Spam.

Don’t post just links to forums and groups

Having your site, as your signature in forums would help you to gain back links and traffic. But, some take this method to extreme and just post their links as a tread. However, you should know that, as well as loosing your membership with that forum, your site would also be reported for spamming.