Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sitemap for Bloggers

It has always been the question to implement a site map to a Blogger account. Blogger gives you limited control over modifying your code, if it is not hosted privately. So that makes it difficult to implement certain features for your blog. One of the most important feature that you might want to implement is sitemaps. As I discussed the importance of sitemaps in my previous post, it is a must have feature on any weblog and web site.

Sitemap is a word that attracts search engine robots to your various pages. It is basically a map that direct robots around your web site. So how can you implement one to your Blogger account? The answer is simple. As all your posts are converted to a web page on their own, all you need to do, is write a post that has link to all your postings URL (Here is an example). Name this post as sitemap. And place it somewhere in your blog. I suggest top position in your template (see the sitemap on the right, under profile). As this would also allows your visitors to see all your topics. Update your sitemap as you include new posts in your blog.

As you enter new posts