Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Link Exchange Strategies

Link exchange is another source for free traffic. Also it helps a lot for Google Page Rank. There are a lot of site owners requesting to exchange links with one another. However, it is almost impossible to get a free link from a site that has high traffic and page rank. So I decided to follow different strategy to exchange links with others. In this post I will explain my strategy on exchanging links.

Identify Similar Sites

One of the first things I do is to identify similar sites to exchange links. You all probably know that exchanging links with similar sites or with site that has additional content to your web site help you more. Also I make sure, the site is not ranked by Google.

Study the Site

After identifying the sites, I start investigating (do some detective work). I read the content, and decide that if it worth exchanging links with.

Check the potentials of the site

After, reading the content and liked what I read, I start checking the potentials of that site. I try to find, if the site owner works as hard as me on his/her site. For this purpose, I use various tools to help me. First tool I use is Alexa for checking traffic rankings. This tool also helps me to find, which web sites link to the one that I want to exchange links with.

The second tool I use is a link popularity tool. With this tool I can find out, number of sites that links to the one that I want to exchange links.

The third thing I do is to check if the major search engines index the site. For this, all I need to do is type site:yoursite.com in the search engine, and this would give me the pages that are indexed.

Write a polite letter

After, I finish my homework and find that the site worth to exchange links, I write a polite letter to the site owner. You can find lots of templates to write link exchange request letters in google.

So that is it. Basically, instead of asking to sites that are already ranked high and also receive lots of traffic, ask the ones that are in the same position as your site is. If they accept, and all their hard work pays off, you will have a link in a site that has good page rank and good traffic. In my next post, I will explain, things to avoid when it comes to link exchange.

Good Luck.