Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting Free Traffic by Social Bookmarking

You can generate free web site traffic via social bookmarking. The concept of social book marking is similar to your browser favourites functionality. The only difference is that you can be able to share these bookmarks and identify them by tagging.

So how does social bookmarking helps?

Social bookmarking use tagging method that allows you to categorise your favourite links. Basically tagging is keyword that describes the resource. It is entirely up to you to share this information with others. If you share your bookmarks, people, who have similar interests, can view them.

How to use social bookmarking services?

There are a lot of free social bookmarking services available over the web (see the bottom of the post for the list). Most of them allow you to share your bookmarks with others that use the same service. People, can search bookmarks by using the tags. So if your bookmarks are made public, they can appear in the search results. Also your web site can display graphical elements that allow others to bookmark easily. The list of most visited or bookmarked pages appear in the first page of most of the bookmarking web sites. This would give your web site very good exposure.

Things to avoid in social bookmarking

Some site owners use tags that are not relevant with their bookmarks just because of the popularity of the tags. This is done to get more visitors. However, as people realise the site is not described correctly, they will leave your site and might even block your username.
List of Some Popular Bookmarking Web Sites