Thursday, October 05, 2006

Importance of the sitemaps

To be able to get traffic from search engines, the first thing you need is to get indexed by the search engines. However, indexing can take time depending on how well the web site is optimized. If you build your site search engine friendly, than indexing should not be problem.
One of the first thing you should consider, when it comes to indexing is, your web site's navigation. As humans, search engine robots use your navigational links to find your pages. If you use buttons, such as Flash, that can't be read by the robots, then the page, where that button leads will not be visible to the robots. Therefore it will be difficult to index that page.
Sitemaps can help a lot to make your pages visible to robots. You can create RSS sitemaps or HTML site maps for your website. HTML sitemaps provides link of networks. Each link in that network represents your web pages. When a search engine robot visits your site, they can follow this network to find each individual pages.
Always keep in mind that search engine robots can not read images. So if you are going to use images for your navigation (Flash also perceived as image to robots), always include a HTML sitemap in your web site. Site maps will help a lot for your web site to get indexed and listed by the search engines.
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