Sunday, October 29, 2006

Don't try these on your web site

If your site relies on search engine traffic, then you should avoid certain design methods fro your web site. These methods are listed below:
Avoid using Dynamic URLs

URL that uses following symbols is considered as dynamic URL.

?, &, %, +,=, $, cgi-bin, .cgi

If a site uses dynamic URL, it is very hard (almost impossible) for that site to get listed in the search engines.

Avoid Using Frames

Basically, framed pages are multiple HTML pages. That is why, it is not possible to submit that page to search engine. Therefore, indexing is major problem.

Just like me search engines don’t like frames. Because, when it comes to indexing framed pages, they have great difficulties. In most cases, they don’t index the page. If your site relies on search engine traffic, then you must redesign your page without frames.

Use Flash Wisely

If your page is designed completely with Flash, then it will have very less chance to get indexed. Because search engines can’t read Flash content, therefore can’t index flash pages. Of course that doesn’t mean completely abandon Flash. You can integrate Flash to your content. But if you are using Flash element such as navigation buttons, then you must include html links (sitemap) in your pages for search engines to follow. Also, if you are not relying on search engine traffic, then you can carry on using it whichever way you like.

Thing twice about Image Maps

Same as Flash, image maps are also trouble for search engine spiders. Image maps are mostly used for navigation. If they are used within a page an HTML alternative should also be included in the page.

JavaScript Navigation is also bad

Same as image maps, site that uses JavaScript navigation must also include an HTML alternative within the page. Search engines also can’t read JavaScript and therefore the page that relies on it won’t get indexed.