Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Web Site Traffic - Keep Visitors coming Back To Your Site

You can get visitors to your site in various ways. It can be a free web site traffic that is generated through forums, or it can be through pay per click advertisements. Which ever way you get the visitors, you have to make them come back to visit your site. This is probably the most important and difficult part in web site traffic. If your visitors are coming back to your site, that means you are in business.

Visitors will only return to your site;

  • if they like the content - If your content is good, visitors will come back and check your site again. Therefore, you need to think about your targeted visitors, when you create the content.

  • if the content updated regularly - Think your web site as a TV drama. If you like it, you carry on watching it. But, if they play the same part over and over again, you will probably change the channel and watch something else. So, why should your visitors come back to your site, if it not updated regularly?

  • if your site is easy to navigate - Make sure your visitors find what they looking for. If they get lost within your pages, they will leave your site without looking to their back. So, Provide search functionalities and sitemaps. Always let them know where they are in your web site.

  • if your content is original - Well you are probably asking yourself, "How can I produce a unique content, if there are a lot of web sites have similar information". Answer to this is spend time on research and produce your own version.

  • if you send regular newsletters - To be able to send newsletters, you need to collect your visitors email addresses. This is not an easy and quick process. But, the ones who subscribe to your newsletter are the ones, who are interested with your content.

  • if you have RSS feed - RSS is a format for syndicating content. If you provide the options like the ones on the top right corner of this blog (My Yahoo, Add to Google, etc.), visitors can easily subscribe to RSS feeds of your site. They will be notified, whenever you update your site.

  • if your site is maintained for good performance - Always check if your web site loads properly. If your web site does not function the way it suppose to, visitors will not return.

  • if your site name is easy to remember - Choose names that are easy to remember. Also try to use catchy names, so it can stick on the visitors mind.