Friday, September 01, 2006

Daily SEO Tips - Keyword Selection Tools

Keyword selection is really important, when it comes to search engine optimization. To be able to get high position in search engines, you need to choose the right keywords. In my opinion, keyword selection should be the first task to do, before putting the content to your web site. Make sure the keywords you chose, describes your web site content. This is important because, search engines pick those words for positioning.

You can use keyword selection tools that helps you to analyze and find most appropriate keywords for your site. These tools gets statistics from major search engines, and provides information like, how many times that specific keyword is used on search engines to find something. Also it suggest similar keywords to be used on your site. There are a number of useful keyword research tools available on the web. The most recommended and user-friendly are Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. Both offer trial versions, but if you can try to get the full versions as it give more analytical information.