Friday, September 15, 2006

SEO Tips - Submit to Search Engines or Directories

Many web site owners relies on the web site traffic generated by the search engines. For this reason search engine submission is the first action they take. However, it may take very long for your site to get indexed by the search engines. Therefore you should also submit to directories, in fact (some of may disagree) you should only submit to directories and never submit to search engines.

Directories will help your site to get indexed in the search engines more quickly. This is because search engine follow the links. So if a site is already indexed in the search engines, and if you have a link in that site, it is likely for the search engines crawlers to follow this link to your site.

I will give you an example. When I first started this blog, I only submitted to Google and Yahoo. However, I submitted over 200 directories. After a while, I saw visitors coming from MSN and AltaVista. So this showed me that the directories, where I submitted my links, were already indexed by MSN and AltaVista. So they automatically picked my site and indexed it.

Submission to online directories will also help your PR (PageRank) as it creates a back link to your site. Also search engines follow these links within these directories to find your web site and index your site much quicker. There are a lot of free directories available to submit your site.

I should also mention submission methods. I personally prefer manual submissions by hand. But if you want to choose auto submitters, I can recommend WEBCEO. It is a software that have a lot of useful functionalities to optimize your web site.

You can still go ahead and submit to search engines. But don't border to go further than major ones. Instead spend more time in submitting to directories as it will help your site to get indexed more quickly.