Sunday, September 10, 2006

Web Site Traffic - How to increase web site traffic today

In the next few days, I will provide you with some information regarding to web site traffic. I will provide some methods and tips to drew more visitors to your site. Certainly these methods will not send you thousands of visitors, but it will certainly have some effect on your visitor statistics. Most importantly you will get more targeted web site traffic. These methods are the ones I use to drew traffic to this blog along with others that I will explain in coming days.
To get quality traffic to your site you need to avoid programs that offers guaranteed web site traffic. These kind of sites send visitors, who are not interested with your content and services. They are usually called manual traffic exchange or auto surf programs. Manual traffic exchange or auto surf programs allow your web site to get viewed by others for only few seconds and re-direct the visitors to other sites. The visitors from auto surf programs have only one purpose to view your site. It is to gain credit for their web sites exposure. So manual traffic exchange programs only sends quantity not quality at all.
This is what you can actually do today to get more targeted web site traffic. Join to online communities such as forums and groups. Choose the ones that discusses the topics related to your web site content. Ask questions or answer others' questions but always leave your URL as your signature. Some of them also has sections, where you can exchange links, or ask others to review your site. Below you can see some forums and groups that I usually use. I actually get good amount of traffic from these sites alone.
  • Blogger Forum, Has section that allows you to show your blog to others.
  • Geeks On Steroids, Forum about search engines, SEO, and more. Also have section to exchange links with other members.
  • Web Master Talk, has section for web site reviews and link exchanges.
  • Site Point, discusses search engines, SEO, and many other useful topics.
  • SEO Forum, Link exchange, Internet marketing, and directories.
  • SEO Chat Forum, search engine optimization specific topics.
  •, search engine positioning, seo, web site review.
  • Google Community, more about google products and services. But good forum.
  • Dev Shed, more about programming, but have section, where you can discuss about anything.
  • Dev Articles, similar to dev shed.
  • Digital Point, have section to sell or buy trades. Also provides link exchanges.

So it is enough for today. You feel free to go and register to above forums. As I mentioned above, you won't get a lot of visitors, however, you should always be after quality traffic. Always avoid manual traffic exchange or auto surf programs.