Sunday, January 18, 2009

Offline Traffic Sources

There are many online sites and techniques that would send visitors to your site. However, most of the people are forgetting the power of offline advertising. There are many cheap ways to advertise you website offline. In this post we will review few of them to help you to start thinking about offline advertising.

Business Card: Probably the first thing you should try before anything. There are many websites offers business cards for free or reasonable price. These sites also provide you with various templates to design your own business card. I can highly recomend Vista Print.

Local Papers: Local papers are usually much cheaper to advertise your site. This is another great way to bring traffic to your site.

Posters: You can design small poster to advertise your site. After your posters are printed, you either hand these out to people, or drop them to houses. Also you can put these posters up on shop windows. Ofcourse you need to ask permission to do this. But many shops will allow you to do this. Some can ask you for small fee to advertise on their windows. VistaPrint also do poster designs and printings.

T-Shirts: You can create attractive tshirts, which would have your website name on it. You can give these tshirts to your friends to wear. Again VistaPrint provides Tshirt designs as well.

These methods can be bit more expensive than the online methods. However, they can be more effective, if the ads are designed carefully.

Good luck with your offline advertising.