Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get Traffic with Banner Advertising

Banner advertising can be very useful to bring quality traffic to your website, if it is used properly. One of the main key for creating a baaner advertising campaign is, to create banners that clearly reflects what you are offering to your visitors. Here are the few guidelines for succesfull banner advertising campaigns:

  • Create banners that are attractive. Make sure your banner reflects clearly, what your site is about, and what you areselling. This way, when a person clicks on your banner, they know what to expect from your site. So don't suprise them.
  • After creating your banner, the next step is to find an advertising networks for your banners. Adbrite, AdWords, and Tribal Fusion are most popular sites that allow you to advertise you banners.
  • Follow your campaigns. Always have few banners ready for advertisement. So you can see wich banner is working best to sell your products.
  • You can also use free banner exchange website to advertise. These sites are usually free. Banner exchange requires you to install small code to your site to display banners from banner exchange network. So as you display banner in your site, your banner is displayed on other site.
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