Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The use of keywords and key phrases effect your positioning in the search engines. So what you need to do to get better position for a keyword. First thing is, you need to study your competitors. Your competitors are the ones that comes in the first few pages, when you conduct a search in Google or others.
If your site competes with highly used keywords, then the PR is the most important factor that helps your position. If your PR is low, then it is very likely that your page will not appear in top positions even though it is well optimised.
Here is a rule that you should follow.
  • Well optimised sites with higher PR will have better SERP.
  • Well optimised sites with lower PR can only compete with less used keywords or key phrases. Will have lower positions in competitive keywords.
  • Bad optimized sites with high PR will have poor SERP. Even sites with lower PR can get better position.
  • Bad optimized sites with lower PR are doomed.

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