Sunday, January 21, 2007

Truth About Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange sites are used by many website owners. They can provide few hundreds of page views a day. But quality of these page views is very questionable.

For my old website, I used various traffic exchange websites to drew visitors. The amount of time I spent to get those visitors could have been used something more productive such as search engine optimisation. Although I used to get around 200 to 300 page views a day, I made no sales at all. Then I decided that traffic exchange is nothing but a tool to inflate your page views. Of course some would say otherwise. But, as I experienced first hand, I care less to hear good things about traffic exchange.

Probably, most of you know how these sites operate, but let me briefly explain their features. Basically, each traffic exchange site has members. Those members earn credit while viewing other members’ web sites. Then they use those credits to send traffic to their own site. So, all they really care about is to gain enough credit to convert to page views for their sites.

It is also possible by opening few browser windows; you can use more than one traffic exchange site at the same time. So while one site counts down you can go to next window and start the timer for other traffic exchange site and so on. This way, you don’t even have to see the pages that are shown to you. So I don’t see how you can be able to provide services or sell products to people who don’t even see your website.
Moral of this story is; don’t waste your time with traffic exchange sites. Instead, you can use that time to optimise your web site.