Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PR4 Web Directory - Free Submissions

Here is a new web directory for you to submit your websites and blogs. It is called PR4 Directory. All the submissions are free. You don't have to provide any backlinks, however, it would be appriciated if you could.

PR 4 Directory is free and SEO friendly. There are 700 categories to choose from. I am sure there is one that is suitable for your site.

We approve all the link manually and we review directory regularly. So, no spam submission goes through.

Please make sure you submit your site to correct categories. No top categories are allowed.

Submit your site for free to PR4 Directory

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Get Your Free E-Book

I am offering free ebook to all my subscribers at InternetHow Blog. All you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed in there. The Ebook will be great resource for the newbies and for the people who wants to:

  • Learn about SEO techniques
  • Learn about blogging
  • Learn how to get free traffic to your blog or website.

All you have to do subscribe to my RSS and grab your free copy.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Article and Directory Submission

Directory and article writting submission is probably the most efficient way for building links for your website. Being capable to integrate links inside the articles on your page that will demonstrate different related products is a right way to improve your traffic by a link exchange with the another web site. Don't only include those links but instead ask permission from the webmaster so that you'll be able to make sure you have an exchange of links instead of only providing free links for the other site.

You will as well encounter several places over the internet where you'll be able to post links back to your website and therefore increase the flow traffic to your site. It may be by a link sharing with other people on a devoted link exchange web site or you might only come across other people you may know who are glad to exchange links with you. Although not as common as before, you will still find free for all pages that allow you to post links to your website.

One way links may also be good for some product and service lines though on a smaller scale than link exchange. You need to be aware with one way links not to link to a page that could send customers to a different website to buy what you have on your website. Whenever you are using one way links, it may be more benefical to links to pages that allow information on what you are trading rather than to another site that sells the same products and services.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Blog - InternetHow Blog

I started a new blog at www.internethow.com/blog. It covers various topics that includes self-improvement, blogging, seo, and more. You can subscribe to the feed for regular updates about InternetHow Blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Bit Of Patience, That is All it Takes

There are countless amounts of blogs all over the Internet today. Some of these blogs are personal, some of them try to sell their products, and most of them are blogs that are created to make money.

Everyday many people create blogs to start up their online fortune. They all start their blogs with good spirit and ambition to earn some money from the Internet. However, most of these blogs are abandoned with failure as people can't see the return they expected. So why do these blogs fail, while others can get lots of visitors and earn lots of money. By the way I am one those people, who gave up and start blogging again :))

From my own experience, I can tell you why these people stop writing to their blogs. I personally started many blogs. Each blog that created is about different subjects. I will not go in great details about those blogs, however I stop writing to all of them including this one. I just gave up. I didn't see enough return from the blogs. Also traffic was not that great. But recently I started blogging again. Because, although it was very obvious, I figured what my mistakes were, and figured how a blog can be a success.

Key to a blogs success is PATIENCE. That is the only thing you have to have from the start. Experts will tell you lots of things about good blogging, but if you don't have the patience, all those good advices will going from one ear and go out from the other. Those experts will tell you that you need to create good content. You need to write about something that you enjoy, something that you know. All of these are right. But without patience you can't do any of these advices. Because it takes time for a blog to become successful and start making money.

So I realised, only reason I failed is because I didn't have the patience to create good content, I didn't have the patience to write regularly, I didn't have patience to create back links for my blog, and I didn't have patience to carry on with my blog. But now, I got back my patience and god knows what the future holds.